Our board

The National Threatened Species Institute Board of Management is made up of five individuals. They are all passionate about natural diversity and ecosystems.

Robert Jenkins AM– Internationally recognised expert in threatened species management, with extensive experience in species management at the highest levels of governments around the world. Formerly employed as a senior administrator with the Australian Federal Department of Environment, he also represented the Oceania Region on the CITES Animals Committee, serving as Chair for the period 1992-2000.

Daniel Gowland – Brings sustained multigeneration species management to the Institute, having been granted on behalf of Priam Psittaculture Centre, Australia’s first and to date only, CITES appendix 1 approved captive breeding program. A feat that has been granted with support, after intensive review by the global CITES community of signatories.

Evan Papageorgiou – Cinematography, works across various film, commercials, content and tv projects. Currently divides his time between Sydney and L.A. Bringing to the Institute an eye for detail and perspective from a creative methodical production base. Aiding the ability to look for solutions from outside of the square.

Damien Sydney – Database expert whom contributes an extensive background in both media and technology, having worked in Asia for over 10 years holds a deep understanding of cross-cultural practices and relations as it applied to modern business management. Past roles include senior management positions with Isentia and before that the Info Salons Group where in his role as Chief Operations Officer he was heavily involved in the opening of a number of branch offices across Asia and the Middle East.

Alexander Thomas Hume – BVSc (Syd) MVS (Avian Med) MACVSc (Avian Health) Graduated BVSc from Faculty of Veterinary Science, from the University of Sydney in 1987. Awarded Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Avian Health in 1992. Awarded Master of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney, 1995. President of the Association of Avian Veterinarians 2001-2003. AQIS/DAFF Accredited Veterinarian for Certification of Animals for Export,  2005-Current (Accreditation No. 805).Worked in Small Animal, Avian, Exotic and Australian Wildlife Practice for over 30 years including senior Vet overseeing Priam Psittaculture Centres threatened species since 1996. Currently Trustee and Responsible Person on the Board of the Wandiyali Restoration Trust, which manages the Wandiyali-Environa Wildlife Sanctuary, just South of Queanbeyan, NSW

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