1. Objects of the Institute

The objects of the Institute shall be to restore and/or enhance the natural biodiversity of Australia and elsewhere through:

  1. a) researching and refining captive propagation and related husbandry techniques necessary to establish secure and genetically robust captive ‘insurance’ populations of selected threatened species;
  2. b) collaborating with relevant government agencies, research institutes, corporations and where appropriate, private land-owners to select potential areas of suitable habitat and provide disease-free specimens for re-introduction and/or trans-location programs;
  3. c) coordinating, where appropriate, with the activities of other public and private initiatives involved in promoting conservation management of threatened species and their habitats;
  4. d) promoting the activities and achievements of the Institute; and
  5. e) engaging with government and the private sector in order to solicit operational funds to support actives of the Institute.
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