Conservation scientists are grieving after the bushfires – but we must not give up

“That a billion animals may die as a result of this summer’s fires has horrified the world. For many conservation biologists and land managers, however, the unprecedented extent and ferocity of the fires has incinerated much more than koalas and their kin.

The scale of the destruction has challenged what is fundamentally an optimistic worldview held by conservationists: that with sufficient time and money, every species threatened by Australia’s 250 years of colonial transformation cannot just be saved from extinction, but can flourish once again.”


January 21, 2020 6.04am AEDT

Stephen Garnett, Brendan Wintle, David Lindenmayer, John Woinarski, Martine Maron, and Sarah Legge


Smoky Mouse

PPC R&B (Priam Psittaculture Centre, Research & Breeding) have successfully bred a second generation of the critically endangered Smoky Mouse Pseudomys fumeus. These native mice are being bred for re-release back into their natural habitat. 🌿

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